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Membership in the VFW

Membership in the VFW is based on eligibility earned by service in a foreign conflict or receipt of specific awards or medals. If you are interested in joining the VFW, please see the below section that discusses eligibility. If you are a current member of the VFW, further down the page you will find important information to assist you in getting the most out of being a Post or At-Large member.  


Eligibility and Application

VFW Eligibility Map             VFW Eligibility Medals, Ribbons, and Badges


Are you interested in joining the VFW?  First, click on the map to determine if you meet the criteria to join.  A .PDF file containing all current eligibility information will open for your review.  If you would like to view  larger version of the map, please click here.


There are two methods of becoming a member of the VFW.  The first is to visit the VFW's recruiting page at Join the VFW! and submit your application there. The second (and preferred) method is to locate (Find a VFW Post) and visit your local VFW Post, where you can complete an application for membership as a member in that specific post (Note, all members of all posts belong to the National VFW organization.) Once you have completed your application and submitted the required membership fees, your application will be reviewed and voted upon if submitted to a specific post for membership. If you meet the membership criteria, you will be issued a membership card and become a member eligible for all the benefits and privileges afforded to our members. There are three levels of membership - Annual Member, Life Member, and Legacy Life Member. As indicated by the names, Annual Memberships must be renewed each calendar year, whereas Life Memberships (which are invoiced based on your age) are just that - for life. 

Already a VFW Member?

So you're already a card carrying member of the VFW? Well then welcome to our proud, historic organization!!As with all fraternal organizations, ours derives its power and standing through the active participation of the membership. We highly encourage you to be participatory in your local post, district, state, and national events, and more than anything else, the support of our fellow veterans, whether members or not. On the left side of this page, you will find links to various sections of our website, where you can view our membership guide, monthly newsletter, and calendar, find links to our state and national websites, supporting agencies, important government sites, and other worthwhile information. 


VFW Post 392

The General Douglas MacArthur Memorial VFW Post 392 is one of the largest posts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. With over 1800 members, including 1300+ Life Members, we are the 2nd largest and one of the most active posts in the state, and 6th largest in the world. Our post leadership is a combination of long-time and newer members, with many cumulative years of experience serving in leadership positions within their branches of service. Having leadership that spans several generations gives us a unique ability to be able to interface with veterans from many generations of service. We also have a very active Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW that supports all post activities for which they are able and available. Our LAUX is one of the top organizations of its kind, and we would be lost without their caring and support!


The Post Canteen is open 7 days a week, and serves lunch Monday through Friday, and has a regular Thursday dinner, Friday night live entertainment with the kitchen open, a Sunday Morning breakfast buffet between September and May, and during NFL season, an open kitchen from 1:00 until 6:00.  Further information can be found by clicking the "Contact Us" links on this page or reviewing the New Member Information Guide.


We need volunteers to assist with our Post events.

Please contact any Post Officer or sign up via the rosters at the Post. 

"Our strength is in our volunteers"

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